Hello and thank you for stopping by and letting me share with you about my business. I founded The Art of Hilda with a fun, simple feeling for the love of art. With the idea of bringing good feelings and inspiration for those who also love art and understand the connection between the art collector and the artist. Through my vision and design, I created collections of products with my art imprinted.  From my colorful therapeutic original artworks and art prints, I want to share with you the kind of art that you look at and it makes you feel good. As an artist I believe the wonderful feeling of enjoying art is for everyone because ultimately, we are all the artist, creators in our own way. Art connects all of us one way or another. I would like you to shop at The Art of Hilda understanding the connection with art that makes you feel good at first glance. Inspiring art that makes you want to be an artist too.

  I would love to hear from you, if you have any questions please get in touch with me at (402) 807-5575 or email me at info@artofhilda.com