About The Art of Hilda



Hilda was born in Guadalajara. Much of her inspiration derives from her childhoodspent living in Mexico with her family, growing up surrounded by beautiful mountains, tropical surroundings and incredible landscapes. Her paintings are a reflection of her soul. She’s attracted to the beauty of flowers because of their colorful nature and scent, the many shapes and forms are perfect to capture in a colorful painting while celebrating the connection between us and nature.  Hilda believes painting is more of an emotion than a hobby or trade, painters let their deepest emotions out on the canvas for those who understand it.In many of Hilda’s paintings you get a sense of her conceptual environment but to catch a glimpse of the work in progress is truly a wonderment.  Her art is done in many layers, when you think it’s a completed work, she’s probably less than halfway finished. 

This process has created and interesting phenomenon in the way you see her paintings. The truth is, if you take the time to contemplate visually you will see something different every time.  Angles and light changes will bring about an interesting variance to the artwork and you’ll be likened to see what you find next.  Today you will find Hilda with many hats, she an entrepreneur, master cosmetologist, beauty educator, hair product ambassador, painter of flowers to lose yourself in, an obsessive art creator and an honored mother of 3 amazing daughters and proud wife of her best friend Mark.  Her art is known for its large-scale florals and colorful nature inspired paintings. “My surroundings inspire my work with colorful nature, art and beauty"