For The Love of Art

For The Love of Art

The love of art

Art is a way of expression. People have a deep rooting of this way of expressing oneself through canvases and paints. Many artists who have gained popularity were always creating art when they felt too emotional either for a sad or a happy reason. Art is created to show what one is feeling on the inside. No matter one knows how to express feelings in words, with paint and brushes, it's all possible to let it out. One can express his deepest and darkest feelings in the form of art and that is why it is loved so much. The love of art harbors in almost every country and in every individual of those countries. Human beings have been blessed to find beauty in art and appreciate it whenever.

Many people use art to display the skill of hand they have got from mother nature. It is always a delight to see people create magnificent things just from their hands. Human beings have been involved in making different kinds of arts for ever. Even when we didn't know anything at all, we knew to doodle some random shapes to kill boredom. Ancient findings of art pieces made by people before us are proof that human beings haves a strong connection with art and all its subsequent fields. In our childhood, we all wanted to draw because drawing and painting holds such a creative power within it. Many times, when it gets hard to cry or say, we paint even if it's some random painted doodle or a proper artwork

How long does it take to paint?

There are many kinds of paintings that artists paint. You may not always be able to estimate a time required to paint a certain painting. Some skilled painters can finish complex paintings in a few minutes, while beginners can take longer to practice precision and neatness. To make original artwork, one has to practice patience and accuracy to bring out the best one can desire to see. To make original paintings, an additional step is to do mind searching to bring out exactly what one wants to paint. Many artists, when hit an art block, take hours and hours to come up with an idea of what to paint. But when one is in flow, a practiced artist can finish complex or simple paintings in an hour or two. But there is no limit to art and hence no limit in how much time it takes to paint them. An artist may take 60 minutes to paint something while another one may take 60 days to paint another painting. It's all up to the artist to take as long as he wants because, after all, it's his art, idea, and passion to pursue! This is the freedom art provides to everyone who embraces it.

Famous artists around the world took amazing amounts of time to complete their masterpieces. The genre of painting romanticism or Photorealistic takes the longest to paint. It took four years for Michelangelo to finish the painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. When you buy original paintings, you are charged for 

the amount of time spent on painting those paintings and not the products used. It's the time that's put in to make something look more appealing to the eye. Another famous artist, Van Gogh, painted his most famous 'Starry Night' painting in 12 months. There is not a single time when a painter would be able to tell how long he will take to make his original paintings as art is limitless and timeless.

The beauty of original paintings?

Original artworks have a special appeal to them for the viewer's eye. The way every inch of the painting is a representation of artists' minds, and how the artists spill his thoughts over the canvas is of so much value. Many original artworks are worth millions. People who love art understand the painstaking hours that go into coming up with an idea to paint, sketching the image over the canvas, letting the flow of ideas out, and then mixing and matching colors until the desired hue comes out. After all this hard work, artists hold their hopes high of people finding their artwork amazing and worth their money. And art-loving people buy and appreciate fellow artists for all the effort they put into the art for coming up with something truly amazing.

 artworks for sale are also of high quality. They are painted with great zeal, and the heart and soul are poured into them. No technology can The beauty of original artworks also lies in their scarcity. Artists paint their most unknown emotions and ideas over the canvas to bring out with something original. This makes their piece of art scarce and rare. The original beautifully layer oil paints to layout perfect original paintings. An artist has the sole responsibility of coming up with original artworks, and this makes them so precious.

The painting and a painter's connection:

Painting is more of an emotion than a hobby. Painters let their deepest emotions out on the canvas for those who understand it. Many times, an artist never reveals the purpose behind a painted that he made. Everyone who sees it connects his idea with the art. This is the beauty of art and all its forms in the painting world. Painters emotionally connect to their paintings. They take them as their kids, and many times it gets hard for them to put their original paintings for sale. Finding new homes for their babies is, at the same time, a moment of pride and to shed a tear at the same time. Human beings have been creating paintings for a very long time now. But people are still the same crazy about creating, seeing, and buying art. The way a painting connects to the painter is indeed marvelous. It is full of emotions and heartfelt feelings. Art takes the artist into another realm where 

everything holds beauty, and there is no limit to anything at all. Where souls flow and paintings mesmerize the surrounding!

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